My Greatest Fear

I have always wondered, should our greatest fears escape from the blackened canvas of our nightmares, what would they portray for me?
The answer came after much thought: an endless, empty field, bereft of any proof of life, of any orientation mark. A purposeless ocean of dust, crushing me with its abnormal immensity. No passageways, no openings, no shelters to be sought - only the vast emptiness unleashing the horror within. The horizon becomes nothing more than an ironic line dashing across margins which have ceased to exist.
A poisonous stillness floods the surroundings, and I am sentenced to measure my life by the faint pounding of my footsteps on the burnt soil. My footsteps, which bring me from nothingness to nothingness.
My thoughts cease to stir, they become entangled in the mellow marsh of oblivion. They have elusively forsaken me in the hour of my greatest suffering. The senses seem to gradually weaken as well, slowly eroding my still struggling soul. Not even hallucinations could cover the immeasurable set before my eyes.
Light is failing... But is light not only a humble trick of the mind, an obscure flash in a corner of perception? I must carry on my burden, obsessively, pointlessly, until I reach the deceiving horizon. Yet I finally fall in a swirl of dust.
My doom has taken the form of the Void. I leave no shadow on the ground...